Saturday, 10 December 2011

SMS Szent Istvan

I've had a quiet, productive day painting. The dreadnought SMS Szent Istvan is now finished;

I've been impressed with the performance of the dreadnought so far, and equally important the model is extremely cool. So I'm thinking my usual 1000 pt fleet will be centered around two of these bad boys, with escorts, destroyers and bombers to fill out the points.


  1. Looking good, the 4th photo particularly. Are there any force composition rules in DW or is anything legal as long as the points fit?

  2. Models are divided into Small, Medium, Large, and Massive. In a tournament game you can have up to 70% of your points in each of the Medium, Large, and Massive catagories, and up to 40% in Small. In addition you must have at least one each of Small, Medium, and Large units.

  3. So yes, Chris, essentially everything is pretty much legal in DW.

    Pooch, Jason and I have batted around some fleet composition ideas (I am fond of the figure of 40% large/massive -400pts in 1000pts) but I guess it's ultimately a matter of taste.

    Anyway, Than - two Dreads, I like your style! I've just finished my second BB but I think there will be some more big models in my future.


  4. Looking darn cool Than. I do not relish the thought of two of them however!