Friday, 17 February 2012

And now for Something Completely Different...

Although you wouldn't know it from my blog to date, I play a range of different wargames. Dystopian Wars has been the in thing for the past couple of months, but I also play Epic:Armaggedon, Flames of War, Battlefleet Gothic... I even have armies for Warhammer (Dark Elves) and 40K (Guard) sitting around somewhere, although I haven't played either of these for ages.

With the release of Flames of War 3rd Edition this month it seemed a suitable time to go back and touch up my Hungarian army. So I laid it all out on the table and had a good, critical look at the quality and condition of the paint job. Looking at it with fresh eyes, I give it a 6/10. It's not bad, but there are touchups to do and extra detailing to be done.

I can field two company types for Hungarians. I started with a Harckocsizo Szazad (Tank Company), mostly because IMO the Nimrod is a strong contender for coolest looking armoured vehicle ever.

The full Harckocsizo Szazad

Platoon of T-38G tanks

First armour platoon, overhead

Panzer IV F2's - my heavy hitters

Nimrod AA vehicles

Nimrods again

Toldi light tanks

One of the support platoons I often take for my tanks is a motorised infantry platoon, and this provided the starting point for my second Hungarian company - a Gepkocsizo Lovesz Szazad (Motorised Infantry Company)
The full Gepkocsizo Lovesz Szazad, with weapons platoons but not divisional support

Puskas (infantry platoon)

Puskas again

81mm Mortar platoon

HMGs from the weapons platoon

PaK40 Antitank Guns

105mm Artillery Battery
So that's almost all of my Hungarian army, and it's pretty much complete.I have some short Panzer IVs and Panzer IIIs still to repaint from German grey, and I might get some Csaba armoured cars, but apart from this I can field basically all the options from the army lists that I would want to.

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  1. I agree Nimrods are the coolest armoured vehicle. Love the Hungarian armour, fragile but fun.

    Must get my own infantry painted up too.

    Hopefully you guys will get some more Mid War games in!