Friday, 9 March 2012


Something I've wanted to add to my Epic army for a while is a Titan - it's just not a sci-fi army if it doesn't have a giant robot! Unfortunately I wasn't keen on the official Reaver and Warhound models, and while the Warlord model looks cool $100 was a little much. So I went with plan B of making my own conversion.

The starting point was this guy...

It's an old Transformer toy I uncovered while looking through boxes of old stuff. I took him apart (which was actually quite hard; it always seemed easy when I was a kid :-) ), beheaded him, repositioned the limbs a bit, and repainted him. And this is the result;

Overall I'm very pleased with how it turned out. So I've designed an Epic: Armageddon scenario to let me use it.


Both sides choose a single battle titan from the Titanomachy Army List.

The game is played on a 120cm by 60cm section of table. Both players roll a dice. Whoever rolls highest chooses a short table edge, and deploys their titan anywhere within 30cm of that edge. The other player then deploys their titan within 30cm of the opposite short table edge. 

Victory Conditions
Titanomarchy has no turn limit - the game continues until one titan or the other is destroyed. If the game ends for time victory goes to the player whose titan has taken the least damage. If this does not determine a winner, the game is a draw.


Each player may choose a single unit from this list;

  •  Reaver Titan
  •  Ravager Titan
  •  Gargant
  •  Phantom Titan with 1 point of damage (i.e. it starts the game with DC5 remaining. If the game ends for time this damage does not count for victory conditions)
  •  Manta Dropship
  •  Hierolord Biotitan (as Hierophant, but starts the game with DC9)

All have an Initiative rating of 1+, except the Gargant which has Initiative 3+ and the Power of the Waaagh! special rule.  All are treated as having Strategy Rating 3.

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