Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year, New Rules

Happy new year to everybody! I hope everybody has a fun 2014 with many victories.

One of my new years resolutions for this year is to be less slack about my blogging - the initial goal is one post a week. So I'll get myself off to a good start by posting this.

Orks. in. Spaacccceeeeeeee!

On boxing day I went round to Mark's place for a game of Battlefleet Gothic. Mark was using his Orks (with the latest revisions of the fleet list) and I was trying out the Space Marine fleet list for the first time. Mark's blog covers the events of the battle pretty well, so I'm just going to post my pictures;

My fleet deployed in the center

"Ork battleship and carriers approaching to starboard sir!"

Overall situation.

My (temporarily) disabled capital ships move off, while the escorts provide cover

Escorts successfully cross the T against the Ork carriers, while the two battleships engage in a broadside duel.

Endgame. My battle-barge and strike cruisers picking off the Ork escort ships

This was a fun game, with some hilarious swings of luck for and against both sides. The marine list was interesting. Having armour 6+ all round makes it very tough (at least against gunnery) but I don't think it can dish out as much firepower as the Chaos fleet that I'm used to. Still, I think I'll use it for at least a couple more games to get a better feel for it.

Darkness Awakening

My first painting project for 2014 will be my old Dark Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I used to play quite a bit of Warhammer back in 7th edition, and I'm a fan of the rules (although not so much a fan of GW). A couple of friends have been playing some WHFB (8th edition) lately, so I figured it was worth pulling the Dark Elves out of the cupboard and seeing what needs to be done to get it presentable. After a bit of reading to refresh my memory and familiarise myself with what has changed, here is what I'm considering for an initial 1200 point army;

  • Supreme Sorceress, level 4 with 50 points of magic items
  • Regiment of 24 Warriors with spears and full command
  • Regiment of 12 Warriors with crossbows and musician
  • Regiment of 12 Warriors with crossbows and musician
  • Regiment of 18 Witch-Elves with full command
  • War-Hydra
A lot of this is already painted, and the standard is actually better than I thought it was. The major thing I'm disappointed with is the basing - it looks like I got bored and just painted the bases brown! So re-doing all the basing is the first step, then the second step will be finishing off the Witch-Elf unit. Witch-Elves are actually quite a bit of effort to paint because each one is quite distinct, and they also have lots of mixed areas of clothes/skin/jewelery that is quite fiddly to do well. Still, one model at a time and I'll work my way through them.


  1. Hi John, I like the look of the new projects.

    Good luck with your blogging pledge. I find that if I do three a month, I am doing well. That may be because I largely do batreps and by the time I add in speech bubbles etc there is a bit of time involved? It was easier during the phase where I used to chip away weekly at Wotr figs as progress posts are very quick.

  2. Good luck with the blog target - sounds ambitious! I find that the best motivation for painting/blogging is having some upcoming event I need them for, otherwise I tend to be slack.. Speaking of which have you thought about the 1200 point WFB doubles at Warclouds? I'll be your partner if you want to enter, provided you think you can have the 1200 points all painted and based by then - looks like you only need to do about a dozen figures with more than a month to go. How's that for motivation? :)

  3. Hi John,

    Good luck on your wargaming and blogging efforts for 2014! I love BFG so was good to see a game and likewise the Dark Elves have always been a favourite of mine so it would be nice to see them on the table, even if I will have to crush them :)

  4. Good luck on the post a week! You can do it! Just plan ahead a bit.
    Show us more of your bolt action army. :-)

  5. Dark elves... awesome John... nice wee army.