Sunday, 25 April 2021

Forming up the Astrodani

With the first prototype 3D printed Croft vehicles coming out well, my brother Vaughan ran another batch. So now 9 mostly complete vehicles, plus a couple of turrets and some odds-and-ends parts. 

We've produced turrets for four vehicle types - an infantry fighting vehicle, an AA-vehicle, a MLRS, and a tank.


Anti-Aircraft Vehicle


Battle tank

Minor confession, I haven't necessarily used the correct parts for each variant. For example, originally we printed 8 of the AA tanks, which was more than required. So I put a small wing and missile launcher on 6 of these turrets to make 6 of what I'm calling an IFV. Likewise I don't know if the turrets I glued the MLRS launchers and tank main cannon to are the ones they're supposed to have... I just know they come out looking OK to me, and I'll use that combination for any more we print.

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  1. Nice looking models! :) Great to see you again at the club again too, will be watching to see if you do any battlereports with all these figures you have been working on! :)