Sunday, 4 April 2021

Next Projects

With my 5 initial Sierra Foxtrot armies completed I'm now deciding what I want to do for my next project. Since I'm still enthused by 15mm sci-fi at the moment I'll probably stick with that. Options could include starting one or more new SF armies, adding new units to the existing SF armies, or expanding/improving my terrain. 

And the likely winner is... all of the above.


Red Desert

The first project I'm thinking of working on is some desert terrain. I'll like to have a full 6 x 4 table worth, with the inspirations being the US southwest, some Martian tables I've seen people do, and World of Warcraft zones like the Badlands or Durotar. 

Lake Mead
Marble Canyon

After watching a few YouTube tutorials, the technique I think I'll trial is to use textured paint in a suitable color. I'll see what pre-made commercial products are available, but I've made my own in the past so I may end up doing this again. I'll apply this all over my three 2' x 4' base-boards. Then I'll make some hills/rocky outcrops. For these the plan is to use the same 3/4" inch polystyrene I used for my summer-grass terrain, but rather than flock I'll texture them using some mix of spackle and/or textured paint. Will have to experiment with this and see what looks good. 


To go with the desert terrain I want to expand my 15mm buildings and roads. My initial collection was purchased for use with Team Yankee. While they fit in fine for sci-fi games, I'd like to add some more explicitly sci-fi terrain as well. GameCraft Miniatures has a selection of sci-fi buildings, so I may pick up some of these. 

New Armies and Expansions

Apart from terrain I also have a few ideas for new armies and expansions for existing armies. I've decided the Gila recon ATVs will go with the Zhaleed Empire force, and I'll grab some Comanches for the Southern Commonwealth when they become available. The Commonwealth also needs a mech, and the Crookback mech (probably won't use that name for the unit) ordered through Alternative Armies is the leading candidate.

If I end up placing an order from Alternative Armies, I'll likely pick up a platoon or two of the Vasseth strike vehicle as a fast attack unit for the Serpents.

In addition to expanding the existing armies, I have a few ideas for new forces to add. The Southeast Asian Union would be similar to the Southern Commonwealth in being a relatively conventional tank/APC human force, using models mainly from Khurasan's Nova Respublik range. The Astrodani would be a "space elves" alien force, with ideas taken from the likes of the Eldar from 40K, Protoss from Starcraft, and Minbari from Babylon 5. The models would be from a range of sources, but the infantry units would be a mix of Khurasan Soriogs and Dragoons.

But the next new army in line is the Thrainites - Space Dwarves. The models are from Khurasan Miniatures, and I've ordered enough to make up a mechanized infantry company. 

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