Tuesday 17 January 2023

Rain Descends from the Sky

Progress is being made on my Enforcer army. Slow progress to be sure (not knowing any local Mantic players limits motivation) but still progress. All the models from the starter box are assembled, and around half are painted. 

This is the core Enforcer starter box, and using the force-builder app on the Mantic web-site it seems to come to around a 900-ish point force (depending on options). I'll probably pick up a couple more units, both to bring the force up to 1000 points and to add some variety and options. At the moment I'm thinking an extra box of Operatives, the command team specialists, and a unit of Pathfinders (mainly for the very cool looking DOG drones).

I've also started to write some backstory and fluff for the force, and here is what I have so far; 

75 Long Range Drop Group

Motto: Imbres de caelo descendunt (Rain descends from the sky)

The 75 Long Range Drop Group (75-LRDG, "the White Knights") is an Enforcer infantry division that specializes in trans-atmospheric assault operations. Based at Fort Somme in the Agni-273 star system, it is technically part of XII Starmobile Corps, but in practice operates with significant autonomy. It is capable of landing a battalion strength combat unit from orbit (even against light-to-moderate active aerospace defenses) and then sustaining planetary combat operations for 7 days before being re-supplied.

First constituted as an Enforcer unit in 2820 CE, the 75-LRDG has since proved their worth over multiple major campaigns. During the Second Iron War they conducted two major drops against colonies of the Forge-Father Clan Zierl... actions which, ironically, led to them gaining the Clan's lasting respect and forming an alliance which endures to this day. In the Mandrake Rebellion the Knights were repeatedly able to drop behind Marauder lines, cutting off strong-points, and creating staging areas for major GCPS offensives. In recent times they have operated primarily in the Neo-Tasman Sector of the Fourth Expanse, suppressing numerous minor insurrections, and engaging in several skirmishes with the forces of the Nameless.

The 75-LRDG have a reputation within the GCPS as being either (depending on one's perspective) "rebellious" or "heroic". While Enforcer units are supposedly programmed for unquestioning and total loyalty to the Council of Seven, for some reason in the White Knights this conditioning does not seem to have fully taken hold. They have not participated in any of the more controversial Enforcer operations, and their are even rumors that they have at times actively refused to obey direct orders from the Council. Whatever the truth of the matter, to date they have not faced any official sanction.

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