Friday, 14 October 2011

For the Kaiser!

My latest gaming project is a Dystopian Wars fleet. I got tempted in the usual way (seeing other people with very cool looking models) and ordered myself a Prussian starter set. To (sort of, vaguely) go with my Hungarians in Flames of War, I'm going to paint them up as a "Hungarian Squadron" within the Prussian Empire - some green panels, maybe some red/green crosses if I can find my leftover transfers.
The Prussian Battle Group contains;

  • 1 x Emperor Class Battleship
  • 3 x Riever Class Cruiser
  • 9 x Arminius Class Frigate
  • 2 x Geier Bombers
  • 10 x Fighter Bases
  • Various counters, templates and stat cards
From the points values on the cards this comes to 700 points, although (having been dumb enough not to order the rulebook with my models) I don't have the fleet list so I don't know if I can use all of this. I also have to say I was surprised at how good the production values were - my experience with smaller miniature companies has been that their packaging is usually basic to non-existant.

The fleet is now assembled and undercoated. The models are mostly resin, with separate metal turrets. I'm not generally a fan of resin but in this case it works well. The ships are all fairly solid shapes, the detail is amazingly crisp, and Spartan Games were smart enough to make the thinner bits (the turrets with their long barrels) out of metal.

I sat down this afternoon and painted a prototype each of a frigate and a cruiser. I'm now itching to paint the battleship, but I'm forcing myself to leave this for last, or at least until I've done a couple more ships - a centerpiece model like this deserves the best paintjob, which means getting some practise in first.

Next purchase is likely to be another set of cruisers, possibly some destroyers, and the actual rules for the game!


  1. Hi Than, another local blog - good stuff. Can I suggest a 'follow' button? It lets people put you in their 'reading lists'.

    I am beginning to envy you guys your choice of fleet. The FSA is going to be the death of me!

    If you don't have the rulebook - the Spartan forum might be a good port of call (heh) before you purchase more.

    I can at least tell you (because the rulebook does!) that the starter box is a legal fleet, though that forces you to run frigates 3x3 and looking at the relatively tiny things (they are smaller than the bombers we get in that box!) makes me suggest that they want to be in max sized squadron - but hey, what would I know about this game? So its just a guess.

    Planning on getting a wading Robot?

  2. Cheers Jamie,

    How do I add a 'follow' button? Seems a very good thing to have - so much so that I assumed it was part of the site.

    Really will need to play a couple of games before I decide what's next for the fleet. My initial thought is more of the same - 3 more cruisers and another battleship. But I will admit both the dreadnought and zepplin carrier do look tempting. How about you, what will round out to 1000 pts?

  3. Since they've changed the interface, I'm not 100% sure. On the old interface it was something that had to be selected (like the 'about me' etc) and it might even be from the list of gadgets you add?

    I think my kids are keen to get me the new triple-blimb they have just previewed. Otherwise, I'd imagine I can't go wrong with another battle-ship and actually want to add a pair of scout blimps too. I also want to get another pair of bombers so the pair I have will be more useable vs AA but it is annoying they don't sell those in pairs. Something else to consider is one of those cool double-decker fleet carriers.

    It is hard to know what to think though. I read some things saying FSA cruisers are worthless vs either Destroyers or BBs and others that they are awesome lol. I think that FSA cruisers are probably ok (because they are tough) but am not too sure about other factions' cruisers.