Friday, 21 October 2011

Update on the Fleet

A few evenings and afternoons of painting has seen steady progress. The fleet right now;

So just five more frigates plus the fighters to go. At this point I think I'm ready to order more models to bring the fleet up to 1000 points. Unfortunately the general consensus on the Spartan Games forum seems to be that the best Prussian unit is the Frigate, which I found somewhat uninspiring to paint. However I've also learned up to 70% of my points can go into large units... which at 1000pts means up to 4(!) battleships. I'll definitely pick up at least a second battleship, and probably a third. Or maybe go in another direction with the large ship madness and get a second battleship plus either a a Sky Fortress or a Dreadnaught. Decisions, decisions.

But here's some more images of the units I've finished;


  1. The fleet is looking good so far! I'm hoping to pick up the Prussians (and hopefully the Russians) and get into DW next year.

    Good luck on the new blog!

  2. Nice work, Than.

    I'm lagging behind with mine but will get there!

    Re: your fleet - the Dreadnaught, surely. We could do a hunt the Bismark scenario.

  3. Really like the bombers, very understated but highly functional looking!

    You will have to get in on our gaming cirle for Dystopian Wars, we could do with some Prussian action!

  4. Thanks Chris. I've ordered myself some more models plus the rules, and would definitely be keen to arrange a game against somebody.

    Seeing these battle reports have got my brother hooked as well, he's got himself an Antarctic fleet. I'll get him to post images when they're painted.

  5. More Antarticans, nooooo.

    My fleet is now ready to go and we can always use hills for islands, so I'm up for a game at some stage.

    I know you aren't a huge fan of painting the models but Frigates are surprisingly cool in this game. Activations work like Epic and Frigates have by far the longest move....