Saturday, 24 March 2012

No Shenanigans, Pt 2

Another productive day has seen good progress on painting the No-Shenanigans Marines, with a Devastator Detachment finished. The whole army is proving to be less work than I had anticipated - I guess that's an advantage of an elite, low-model count army.

The completed army will consist of;
  •  2 Tactical Detachments
  •  2 Devastator Detachments
  •  3 Bike Detachments
  •  1 Scout Detachment
  •  Warlord Titan
  •  375 points for characters or unit upgrades.
The whole army (except 3 bike stands) showing what needs to be repainted
I have most of these models already. The Tactical, Devastator, and Scout units are all GW models from the old Epic 40K boxed set. The Titan is the converted Transformer I've previously blogged about. For the bikes I have something special planned. Some GW bikes are standing in for now, but since they're going to be replaced I probably won't repaint them.

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