Thursday, 29 March 2012

An Epic Painting Week

The burst of motivation that let me paint up two detachments last weekend didn't fade during the week. By Wednesday I had finished everything I needed for my initial 3000 point no-shenanigans Marine list, except for the bikes (which will be another 8-10 weeks before the models arrive).

While I have more Space Marine models I could have painted (in particular two of my detachments currently lack Rhinos), I decided instead to go back and re-base my existing Epic stuff in the new "Hungarian plains" default basing scheme. Which proved to be a good idea, since the current basing on the Guard infantry was pretty bad;

 The round bases on most of the individual metal infantry were clearly visible in the permafill, and if I had done any washing/drybrushing, you couldn't tell. I usually do fairly well in painting score at Epic tournaments, so thankfully my opponents must have been focusing on the tanks (which I have put most of my effort into) rather than the infantry. I've done the company commander and his bodyguards (bottom of image) and the goal for this weekend is to rebase the rest of the infantry. The objective markers and Warhound Titans are already done;

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