Saturday, 31 March 2012

More Epic Painting

Another good couple of days painting. The original goal for the weekend was to re-base my Guard infantry;

IG Infantry Company, with Fire Support and Ogryn ("close assault battledroid") upgrades

Having finished that I went through and took stock of what marine models I had left to paint. My Epic marines were acquired secondhand from several different sources, so it's quite a random mix of models that may or may not match the formations in the army lists. For example, I found I had 8 Land Speeders, where the official unit size is 5. I have 3 Land Raiders and 3 Predators, both of which come in formations of 4. In the end I decided to paint enough Rhinos for all my non-Scout units, plus a unit of Land Speeders. Since the Speeders conveniently have the same points cost as a bike detachment and can fill a similar role, they will replace one of the bike units;

I've also been considering background fluff for them, and have decided to call them the Red Hammers chapter (while adopting "No Shenanigans" as the official chapter name was considered, the committee felt it was not GRIMDARK enough for an army in the 40K universe). They are a successor chapter to the Space Wolves, using a stylised version of Thor's hammer as their symbol;

Finally, after visiting my brother and raiding his bits box my Warlord Titan is now suitably armed;

 Next project will be some terrain. I'm very happy with the surface of my gaming table, and with my woods. But my hills are pretty bad, and I don't have a city for my Titan to stomp. So some hills and 6mm buildings are needed.

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