Friday, 6 April 2012

Tale of Epic Gamers

There is a board on the Tactical Command Epic forums dedicated to the "Tale of Epic Gamers". It's a challenge to people, encouraging them to start a new Epic army and paint 500 points a month. I started my marines a week early, but it's a new army that I've been regularly painting units for, so I posted it;

Tale of Epic Gamers

My progress this week was a Whirlwind battery, a Terminator detachment, 3 Land Raiders, and a Dreadnought.

The army also has access to space support, in the form of a Strike Cruiser and Battle-Barge from my BFG fleet. These are GZG models from their NSL range. They were painted a while ago, but since I chose the Marine's colours to match my fleet they fit in perfectly.

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