Friday, 11 May 2012


Welcome to Sixmillopolis, city of the future. And sometimes of today.

On Wednesday the buildings I ordered from Old Crow models arrived. This is my first time ordering from Old Crow, and based on this I'm giving them a B+. The models are excellent (resin, well cast) and at very reasonable prices. The order took five weeks, but some delay was stated up front on the website so I'm not marking them down for that. However I have marked them down slightly for getting part of my order wrong - I ordered 4 of their Aerofoil Block, and receieved 4 of their Aerofoil Tower.

This afternoon I painted up one of the Aerofoil Towers as a prototype, and I'm fairly happy with it. The colour was chosen mostly because I have a couple of spare pots of Bleached Bone. It looks a little more Tau-ish than Imperial, but I wanted to avoid the extreme GRIMDARK thing 40K does, and go for a more clean, futuristic looking city.

I'll probably be making another order to Old Crow in the near future, hopefully getting those Aerofoil Blocks I originally wanted plus some other bits and pieces. Once that's all painted up I'll have a good cityscape for my 6mm games. The last thing on my terrain shopping list will be some decent hills; and conveniently I picked up a business card for Small World Scenics last time I was in Comics Compulsion...


  1. That tower looks great, much prefer the clean style to the more grimey 40k universe

  2. That is cool modern looking terrain. The wing shape brings up some cool mental images.
    Honeymoon on Mars?
    Higher rent in the Mega City?

  3. Cheers Adam.

    While these are mostly intended for Epic, I think the square buildings will also work for 6mm modern games. I'm picturing the sort of concrete slab buildings you see in news footage of Lebanon or Gaza.

  4. Indeed, or Ukraine and other fans of Stalinist architecture.
    I may have to get some BTR-80's and BRDM's.

  5. Did you hear that we're Red Team!
    Go Reds!
    I've got T72's, BTR80's and a platoon each of BRDM and BMP's

  6. Absolutely comrade!

    I've got some T72s. But also the Shilkas and MiGs to keep the capitalist air forces off our backs...