Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Too Many Projects

About a month ago when I finished my Epic marines, I was left with no wargaming project and wondering what to do. Since then my spending reflex has exceeded my painting speed, and I now have four or five projects on the go.

First of course is the 6mm buildings from my last blog post. An initial burst of enthusiasm finished two buildings, then faded. But they remain a priority project, since they will greatly improve my terrain for Epic and 6mm modern games.

Next came some 28mm Hungarians. Some friends have been playing 28mm WWII for a while now (using the Force on Force rules system), and since you only need a reinforced squad or so, I decided to join in.

The models are actually Early War Germans (from Warlord Games 'Bolt Action' range), but the kit is close enough to what the Hungarians had throughout the war. Ideally I'd like to add a Nimrod to support these guys, but finding one in 28mm is somewhere between difficult and impossible. For the short-medium term, I'll probably get a 75mm infantry gun instead.

Continuing with the 28mm theme, I'm also wanting to finish and/or revisit a couple of 28mm sci-fi armies to use with Tomorrow's War. I played my second game of TW a couple of weeks ago, against Jamie. I've got quite a range of old 40K models, but the paint job on many needs touching up or improving.

Finally, we have the latest thing to grab my interest... 6mm moderns. Pooch started things off with his Desert Storm British. Since I've always been keen to find a good moderns game, I picked up some Soviet models from GHQ. The detail on the GHQ models is simply incredible, amazingly crisp and well-cast! My only complaint is that some of the gun barrels seem quite fragile, and I can see myself having to replace tank cannons with wire once they break off. So far I've finished painting half a company of T-72's and enough BTR-60's for a supporting infantry platoon.

Rules wise, we're looking at using Epic: Armaggedon, and are in the process of writing army lists at the moment. We have unit profiles for British, Syrian, and Israeli units sorted (to a beta-test stage anyway), so now it's the hard part of coming up with some points costs. This thread on the South Island Wargaming forums has made me aware of Minigeddon (a 1,000 pt version of Epic for quick games) and I'm thinking finishing a modern army for minigeddon could be a good place to start.


  1. Those are looking really good Than, it is very cool to have more 6mm Modern armies around, it will be good to start getting some games!

  2. Those T72's and BTR's are making me a hanker for some lil' commies of my own!
    I plan on using a Soviet Afghan scheme. Hopefully also suitable for Syrians et al.