Saturday, 14 July 2012

Up in the Air

On Friday we had our second playtest of the Epic: Moderns army lists we've been writing. Adam and I  commanded the Syrian/Russian force on one side, while Pooch and Jason commanded the US/Israelis on the other. Pooch's battle report can be found here. But to sum up, Adam and I lost.

One of the contributing factors to our defeat was the capitalists achieving total air superiority early on. My MiG-29's were shot down in the first turn, and the ZSU-23's were suppressed all game. This was mostly down to bad tactics on my part, but a couple of poor dice rolls didn't help. A bit of post-game analysis has given me what I hope are better ways to use the MiGs/Shilkas. But there's nothing that can be done about the dice... or is there?

As every wargamer knows, the dice gods frown on using unfinished models. My MiGs had gone into battle undercoated and without AAMs attached. Of course they weren't going to roll well! This afternoon I sat down and painted them, along with the ZSUs. No camo on the ZSUs at this stage, but they are washed/highlighted. I figure the camo can be added at a later date.

Since aircraft were the theme of the afternoon I also finished some sci-fi fighters that have been sitting on my desk for a couple of months. These are Mechbuster fighters from Iron Wind, which I use as Thunderbolts to support my Epic Imperial Guard. I've done four of them, so enough for two flights.


  1. Looking really good John, nice and simple makes for a really cool effect in 6mm! Not that painting canopy lines etc in 6mm is easy, but it looks tops!

    More targets for Maverick at any rate....

  2. Those look great John.
    They will help our struggle against the forces of reaction. It's a historical inevitability!

    You and your stories of this Maverick. Everyone knows that he went down over Lebanon and his body was incinerated after his 'Tomcat' malfunctioned! Imperialist dog!