Saturday, 28 July 2012

Paint Club - Sslyth

The first rule of Paint Club is... well, OK, we don't really have any rules.

Paint club is an informal little competition we've been having between myself, my brother Vaughan, and his flatmate Cory. We all buy a copy of a miniature, paint it, and post it on CoolMiniOrNot for the internet to vote on. Person who gets the highest score picks the next model, and the cycle repeats.

This round Cory picked a Dark Eldar Sslyth as the miniature. And it is an excellent model! I'll complain about GW with the best of them, but there is no question they do produce awesome figures.

My entry. I went with a rattlesnake skin pattern, with contrasting blue armour.

Vaughan's entry.

...and Cory's entry .

So please, view the pictures, cast your votes, and may the best painter win! Vaughan and I posted our models a while ago, so when Cory's model gets 40 votes we will declare the winner.

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