Saturday, 22 September 2012

Mobilizing the Syrian 3rd Division

I've been very slack on my painting lately. In particular my Epic Moderns army has been an embarassment. While everybody else has finished beautifully painted armies (or several!) my force has been only half painted through all our games. Over the last couple of days I have finally rolled up my sleeves and started painting again, and this morning I did a stocktake. Here's where I am right now;

Three tank companies, an infantry company, a mortar battery, an AA platoon, and a couple of MiGs. This comes to around 2500 points. I'm closer to my goal of 3000 than I thought, but there is still a lot of painting to be done.

My favourite unit is the army is probably my painted T-72 company. Although unfortunately it tends to die rather quickly (that's the nature of a game where most tanks have the MW rule) it has had a couple of good successes, and this is where I will usually attach my battalion commander.

The first infantry models I painted was my mortar battery. They came out quite well, but unfortunately the mortars are far too small - they're supposed to be 120mm, but they look more like ~60mm. I may look at getting some other 120mm mortar models, then mixing these guys in with my regular infantry.

The last painted unit in the army (apart from the aircraft and ZSU-23s I previously blogged about) is a tracked recon unit of 4 BMPs. Since I have ten BMPs and only 5 BTRs, for the moment the infantry company will be mounted in the BMPs. However my intent is to buy another pack of BTRs to transport the infantry, then use the BMP models to field two tracked recon platoons.

So that's about a 1000 points painted, another 1500 assembled and ready to paint. Now I have to decide what to do for the last 500. I have enough infantry models to assemble a second company. My current thinking is to buy enough BTRs to transport both infantry units, plus a battery of D-30 towed artillery.


  1. Looking good fellow red teamer.;-)
    I've got a couple new things as well.
    Gonna try out basing my recon and leader stands with a couple dismounts.

  2. looking good,

    I m french and played epic armageddon. I m very interresting for modern rule vith epic.

  3. Hi

    I have pile of USSR and USA 1/285 Moderns and play epic. I was wondering if it was possible to have a copy of the modifications that you guys have made to the epic rules and the army list.


  4. Greetings from Italy!

    Well apart from introducing myself after lurking for a bit (6mm wargaming are my favourite scale, and blogs of quality are hard to come by) I have to say that I am interested into the modification on the rulesets as well.
    Playing IG on Epic:A for a long time, so pretty familiar with the rules.

  5. ......Especially since GHQ has those lovely Leo II A6's and the boxers and pumas...!

  6. Hi Le maitre, PFE100 and Shaffer,

    Good to hear there are other 6mm modern fans out there. We're still playtesting and refining our army lists, and they aren't quite finalized enough to share yet. But steady progress is being made, so watch this space!

  7. Thanks for the welcome :)
    As a avid military history fan, 6mm is the only scale i've found to be satisfactory. 28mm is too big for anything except rifles and MG ranges and you can't field organizations larger than a company with reasonable manouvre space until smaller scales. Let alone arty/helos. So 6mm it is.
    As a side effect, for 40K setting, epic scale is the only one that makes IG "feel right"

    Being myself toying with various rulesets at the moment....will see how it goes.
    ......quick quetion! Does Epic:Modern handle Command and control?