Saturday, 27 October 2012

Huzzar for 28mm!

World War II gaming in 28mm scale is something that has been simmering in the local group for a while now. A few different systems have been played, including Operation Squad and a WW2 mod of the Force on Force rules.

The system that I'm finding the most interesting is Bolt Action from Warlord Games. Watching Jamie and Nathan play a small (500 pt) game yesterday seemed to confirm my first impression from reading the rules; Bolt Action is a nice simple system, light on detail, but fast and playable. Encouraged by this, I sat down this afternoon and painted a first section of infantry;

The models are Warlord Games early war Germans, which I am painting as Hungarians.  The last photo shows all the infantry I currently have. A 600-800 point game of Bolt Action would involve a platoon or so of infantry, so I've just ordered two more squads, an MG34 team, and the main rulebook.


  1. Looking good, but get painting Than!
    My platoon is ready to go.;-)

  2. Was heaps of fun to play. I'm getting in some more heroes of the Soviet union, so you might need more Hungarians! I like the paintscheme.