Friday, 9 November 2012

Gold Five Standing By

Yet again I have been led into temptation by my fellow wargamers. After seeing Adam's blog post on the X-Wing miniatures game I decided to give it a closer look, and ended up walking out of Comics Compulsion with both the core set and the Y-Wing expansion. Fortunately one of the strengths of X-Wing is it is light on time commitment and not too bad on the wallet.

The models (pictured with some of the WotC collectable ships for size comparison) come pre-painted. You need around 4-6 fighters for the suggested 100 point game size. After playing a few games (a couple against my brother, one against my flatmate) I agree with Adam's assessment - it's a neat little beer and pretzels game, a bit limited in tactical depth but good for quick and fun games. The main problem it has at the moment is the lack of starship types. There are currently only the X-Wing, Y-Wing, TIE, and TIE Advanced available (and the local store is sold out of the Y-Wing and TIE Advanced). But this will be sorted as FFG release more ship types.

While the models are prepaints I'm mulling the idea of changing the colour areas to customize my fighters. The yellow on the Y-Wings would become gray, and the red on one of my X-Wings would become pink (link for those who don't get the second reference).

Despite this new temptation however I have made good progress on my 28mm Hungarians, finishing off a complete squad plus an armoured vehicle...

The walker is a "Heinrich" light walker from the Dust Warfare range. While I don't expect to field this guy very often (locally people are more interested in real-history WW2, rather than Weird War 2) it is a cool looking model and something to stand in as a (temporary) centerpiece for the force until I decide on what real-world centerpiece I want (probably either a T-38 or a 75mm infantry gun). Now I just have to wait for the rest of my infantry to arrive and start getting some games in.


  1. Pink 5! Forgot about that one, nice.

    Also really like the walker, I've been thinking about getting one for my 28mm moderns and using it for Tomorrow's War.

  2. Nice!

    I have 28mm Japs languishing on my painting desk as I wasn't so fussed with Force on Force. Bolt Action sounds cool - will check it out.