Saturday, 17 August 2013

Aerospace Operations

A few month back a rumour circulated that GW was shutting down the Specialist Games online store. Allegedly they were going to sell the models they had, but once existing stock was gone that was it. As I write this the Specialist Games store is still online, so I presume this rumour  was (to use the technical term) a load of bollocks. But at the time it seemed plausible.

My reaction was mostly to not care. I have almost everything I want for my Epic marines, and my other Epic/BFG forces all consist of non-GW models. But one of the few GW models I had been thinking about buying was the Thunderhawk Gunship. I didn’t get  one initially because my Red Hammer marines are a “no-shenanigans” marine force, and air assaults definitely qualify as shenanigans. But it is an extremely cool model and has always been on the wish-list. With the (seemingly) impending closure of Specialist Games my hand was forced, and I grabbed a couple. 

Since I’ve found myself on a bit of a BFG fix lately (been looking at my fleets to see what needs to be repaired or finished) the Thunderhawks have got me thinking about  planetary assaults and ways to combine BFG and Epic in a campaign. Might have to do a bit of research, see what other people have tried.

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