Saturday, 24 January 2015

Current Projects

Most of the time I have multiple gaming projects on the go at once. Impulse purchases result in many models that can sit around for years before a random burst of enthusiasm means they finally get painted. The projects that I have had the most enthusiasm for lately have all been 28mm sci-fi.

First, a Terminator with Thunder Hammer, which I had previously blogged about. These were a TradeMe purchase that came already painted, but a couple of days soaking in Simple Green followed by a good scrub with an old toothbrush got it back to bare metal. It is now painted up in Red Hammer chapter colours.

Next up were an OpForce to face the Red Hammers, in this case some Dark Eldar warriors. These are mostly done, just a bit more drybrushing and some details left to paint.

Lastly, my Teratons for Dreadball. I've done 6 of the 8 starting team members. Painting the last two really should be my next priority, but as I have two gaps on my roster due to casualties I can afford to let this slip for a couple of weeks. But I have finished another Dreadball related model - an alternative ref-bot. I'm not a fan of the ref-bot that comes with the game, so instead I've painted up a floating ref-drone.

My main priority for the next little while will be finishing the Dark Eldar and last two Teratons. Beyond that I'm not sure. One or two stormbolter Terminators is a possibility. But the main game that seems to be being played locally is Infinity. Space Marine models could be used for this, but they don't really suit the aesthetic. The Dark Eldar on the other hand fit in nicely, so I might use what I have as a starting point and pick up some Infinity models to round it out to a full size force (they have some very cool looking quadruped drones...).


  1. Hi John. Yu Jing have a unit Yan Huo Invincibles, that are basically heavy weapons terminators: hyper magnetic rail cannon = assault cannon termie and twin missiles obviously = cyclone termie. Clearly, ones with hammers and shields will look a little more out of place....

    1. Thanks Jamie, will have a look at those.

      For the Dark Eldar I'm undecided between using them as Combined Army or Nomads. The Combined Army have a couple of units which could be a good fit to represent the Slyth, but they don't get the cool quadruped walkers. Have to have more of a think on the subject.

  2. Bask in their sexiness Jon: