Friday, 16 January 2015

Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.

Our local Dreadball league continues. Last Sunday my brother Vaughan came over and we played the official R.O.U.S versus Centurions match. This was a close game; the score never went above 2-3 points for either side, and the lead changed hands a couple of times. But in the end the sneaky rodents had scrapped a one point victory.
Start of the first rush

After the first rush. Centurions have the ball, but their defense isn't as strong as it usually is.

Fulltime. The ROUS have snatched a 1 point victory.

Late in the match Ben had showed up to observe, and as we had time left he and Vaughan played their match. As usual Ben was a master at using his dirty, dirty, Strikers to score and score big. He not only ended with an overwhelming victory, he also earned enough XP to advance three of his players (two Strikers and a Guard) to level 2, gaining the Roll, Roll, and Keeper skills.

ROUS versus Tigers

Ben contemplating his next play.

A couple of days later Jamie and I played the Centurions vs Blooz match. Predictably for two basher teams this was a brutual and bloody affair. In the end the Centurions had won by two points... but with 3 dead players for only a single Orx killed, it was very much a Pyrrhic victory.

Tidy formations before the whistle...

...which quickly descended into a brawl.

First casualty of the game, an Orx. Three Teratons (2 Guards and a Jack) also died.

With just one match left of the first round (R.O.U.S versus Blooz) the table stands as follows;

Team Points Played Ranking Species Coach
Terracorp Tigers 8 3 1st Human Ben
Chelonia Centurions 3 3 2nd Teratons Jonathan
Redwall R.O.U.S 2 2 3rd= Veer-Myn Vaughan
Orcland Blooz 2 2 3rd= Orx/Goblins Jamie

At this stage it's a mixed bag for the Centurions. On the upside they're in second place, and have two players at level 2 with useful skills. But the downside is they won't stay in second for long (the winner of the R.O.U.S/Blooz match will displace them), and due to casualties they will play their next match with an empty subs bench.

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