Friday, 9 January 2015

The Neo-Canterbury Sector Championship

Recently some friends and I have been playing Dreadball. The concept is it's a sci-fi sports games. So yes, similar to Blood Bowl, but sci-fi rather than fantasy, and the rules are different. It's a neat little game, great fun, and only needing 8 models per side and maybe 60-90 minutes per game. After a few practise games to figure out the rules and get the hang of it four of us have organised a league - the Neo-Canterbury Sector Championship. The participating teams are;

  • Chelonia Centurions (myself, Teratons)
  • Orcland Blooz (Jamie, Marauders)
  • Terracorp Tigers (Ben, Humans)
  • Redwall R.O.U.S. (Vaughan, Veer-Myn)
The plan is to play an initial round-robin of 6 games (no fixed schedule, everybody just arranges games until all 6 matches have been played). After the first round by mutual agreement we may go around again for a second six-match round-robin, or potentially even a third. At the end of this the top two teams will play a final, and we'll have a champion.

Pre-season warmup match between the Centurions and the R.O.U.S.

Centurions vs Tigers

The Centurions form a rolling maul to secure the ball
So far things haven't gone well for the Centurions - in their first match they lost overwhelmingly to the Tigers. The only upside is one of my players has gained a level and the Can't Feel a Thing skill.

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