Sunday, 18 November 2018

Kia Kaha! - Anzacs for Team Yankee

My latest project is a bit of a change from previous... an Anzac force for Team Yankee.

Team Yankee is modern (OK, 1980's - that's "modern" for me because I'm old enough to have been alive then) wargaming using a version of the Flames of War rules. A few months ago BF released the Free Nations army book, covering the French, Dutch, Canadians, and Anzacs. Now oddly enough I actually purchased the models for this army well before the official rules/figures were available. The idea of an NZ force appealed to me (specifically, I wanted to do a company from QAMR), and I wasn't worried that there wasn't an official list available at the time. The FoW: Vietnam range included Anzac infantry, so a mix of these an some TY British vehicles gave me the models I needed.

Currently the force consists of;

1 HQ team in M577
2 x Mechanised Infantry Troops in M113s with T50 turret
2 x Scorpion recce tank Troops
2 x Leopard 1 MBT Troops
M125 Mortar Troop
Air Support from 2 A4K Skyhawks

This comes to about 50 points, and at the moment is organised as a single company with support options. My expansion plan would involve buying a few more Leopard 1s and splitting the force into two companies - a New Zealand mechanised infantry company of Queen Alexandra's Mounted Rifles, and an Australian armoured company from 1st Armoured Division.

The other expansion planned is the addition of a 4 gun battery of L118 light guns from New Zealand 16 Field Artillery. Now unfortunately BF has been stubbornly refusing to include towed artillery in Team Yankee. Well whatever, if they don't want my money somebody else can get it. In this case that would be Old Glory Miniatures. Models have been ordered, and hopefully once painted up and mounted on some BF large bases they should fit in nicely.

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