Friday 20 August 2021

Space Dwarves

 My visa finally came through, meaning I was able to return to the US. And waiting for me were a bunch of models that I had ordered way back when I thought I would be returning in April. These are 15mm scale minis from Khurasan, and are for my two latest Sierra Foxtrot armies - the Astrodani and the Thrainites. 

For no particular reason I decided to start with the Thrainites first. For this "Space Dwarf" force the plan was to assemble them as essentially a mechanized infantry company. 

I thought I had ordered enough infantry for two platoons, but it looks like I may be short. Oh well, worst case scenario I have to place another order. 

However depending on how I decide to stat things out I may not need another infantry platoon. The APCs I'm using (the Cane Toad) is a bit larger than I was expecting. Because of this I'm thinking of giving them much heavier armor than normal APCs. 

And speaking of vehicles being larger than expected... the Siler heavy tank is an absolute beast! The original plan was to have a platoon of these guys supporting the force, but it's just so big I think I'm going to field them as individual vehicles with a stat-line on par with the mechs in other forces. 

Size comparison of some of my Sierra Foxtrot units

So all in all, a good start for the Thrainites. I've definitely got plenty of APCs, so it's just a matter of assembling the infantry and deciding how to organize the units. 

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